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This project aims to provide information on the various aspects of human development and how they can be used by educators of all disciplines and grade levels to stimulate the minds of their students. By acknowledging the various stages of human development and embracing new ways of thinking, educators are able to recognize the individual learning needs, difficulties, attitudes, and behaviours expressed by their students. This, in turn, enables educators to facilitate learning and improve teaching effectiveness at multiple levels.

In order to fully grasp a deeper understanding of the various pathways humans generally follow as they grow and develop throughout their lifespan, it is important to consider all the potential factors that may modulate the overall developmental process. This website thoroughly discusses and illustrates many key aspects of development that are commonly overlooked or insufficiently emphasized in areas of classroom learning, namely: prenatal development, physical development, brain development, personality development, and learning styles. Understanding the features associated in each area of development will enable teachers to develop a greater appreciation towards human strengths and weaknesses, and subsequently help them to be more creative, innovative, and effective in doing their job.

As you browse through the categories, it will become apparent that the selected topics are unranked and in no particular order. This suggests that the topics mentioned are all equally important and connected in some way, similar to a mixture of ingredients that make up a recipe for a certain food dish. When ingredients are added, each one assumes a specific purpose in the recipe, whether it is to introduce a certain flavour or texture. Regardless, a missing ingredient yields an unfinished end product that likely needs improvement. Similarly, if an educator were to focus solely on the number-one ranked suggestion, students requiring special attention in other areas will not get the proper stimulation they need to progress academically and grow to become well-rounded productive individuals. As a result, a student will lack the necessary 'ingredient' that would enable him or her to grow and to learn to their fullest potential.